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'Growing Mushrooms' by Tim Thornewell, a thirty-year veteran of mushroom growing and gardening, has now expanded the guide to 69 pages with updates on every chapter and an extra section introducing  'Transformaculture' a new gardening system for food lovers.

Discover how to grow tasty mushrooms with easy home-based techniques and begin your own regenerating cycle.

Oyster, shiitake, burgundy and the much-loved button mushrooms are all covered, with enough info to fire up your new project.

Good fungi are great on the plate and one of the best soil allies!


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Growing winter mushrooms- they even grow in the fridge!

The enoki mushroom is a much loved tasty mushroom that thrives in cold conditions. You'll love the texture, sweetness, flavour and look- check it out in our 'ideas for the plate' section.

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