Plants love Mushrooms


Had enough of fish?

Re-purpose your old aquarium to a 4 crop rotation for food and potting soil creation


Mid-winter toms, basil and carrots



Celery growing through a summer drought 25-30C days

Celery growing well during 25-30C weeks of drought

midwinter joy

Hoping to be preserved?

Yes, mushrooms can grow in small places, jar, bag, box or garden.

Late winter ripening amongst carrots and an overly hopeful cucumber!

Grow, Grow N Grow
mushrooms then greens then tommys

Early salad bowl and a few late mushrooms

Tired potting mix re-livened with' the mushroom fodder.

mid-summer lettuce


Wasabi weeks into 25-30C days, hanging on till cooler weather


Meaty mushroom or intriguing icicles fungi?

Let food be your medicine!

Small plant stand with a three-pot rotation. Flats, cups and buttons

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