To produce enough for many feasts make your own compost from straw and manure, then grow them in bags, boxes or in the garden. Easy compost instructions are included for a successful, steaming hot, sweet smelling compost. If you’ve never quite got composting right, you’ll be rewarded by following the instructions that come with the spawn. It really does smell sweet too- like mushrooms in fact, because the steps taken bring the compost ingredients to just the right stage of decomposition for mushroom spawn to finish it off.

MAKING COMPOST to fill twenty 15L bags.-

You will need to buy the compost spawn. Making compost for this amount, involves mixing four bales of wet straw with 80Kg of poultry manure or stable manure and adding 2-5Kg of gypsum. Over 3-4 weeks the compost matures after being turned 3-4 times. The compost is put into bags, buckets or  boxes, mixing the spawn as you go. After 2 weeks a mixture of peat and lime is added and after 2 more weeks expect the first of your crop. The compost will 'flush mushrooms' 2-4 times and is then ready to use on the vege garden for fertiliser and the odd extra mushroom.

Note that buying ‘mushroom compost’ doesn’t work, because someone else has already grown mushrooms on this product, it is great for plants but not field mushrooms. 



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Letter from regular customer-

" ......Not only did the spawn work well but the price of the spawn was reasonable and delivery was on time. The hard part is finding enough friends to give away the mushrooms when they flush.............I found your brochure on "Mushroom Growing" useful for the home gardener because the 4 bale compost recipe is about the right size - it is large enough to heat up but small enough to turn over by hand..."JB

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